Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Style

Adria Vasil's 'Ecoholic' is a succinct yet informative guide to a wide variety of eco-friendly products and services. It is also a CANADIAN book, so...we can actually get the stuff. There is a large amount of up-to-date info about scary stuff that you may not know were in your make up or your food, as well as healthy alternatives from old-timey non-disposable shaving to ethically and environmentally responsible mutual funds to fair trade tea.

The websites for the products and services mentioned are printed in green as they are mentioned in the writing as well as in a handy index at the back. There is also a guide of stores that carry said products, by city.

I do have a criticism: There appears to be one glaring omission in the area of Fair Trade Coffee. Please take the time to check out Level Ground Trading, which is not mentioned in 'Ecoholic'.

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