Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Oscars

I have a confession to make: I LOVE looking at the best/worst dressed lists online. Although I'm sure the feelings of some actresses have been hurt in the making of these lists and the cutting commentary that sometimes comes along, I feel that in some way, this secret hobby of mine helps me to be kinder.

You see, there is this THING in all (most?) women - this snappy, aggressive, under-the-surface competition that goes on. Who is skinner, prettier, more talented, has a more successful/better looking partner? Who is a better mother or who is raising their children the "right way"? Who has the "correct" political, religious, ethical, or moral leanings? Who has the biggest/best decorated/cleanest house, who cooks the best tasting/healthiest food? It seems that these competitions can be based on anything. ANYTHING.

So it's only natural that I enjoy critiquing the most glamorous of them all. As shallow as it is, perhaps it helps me get that snappy, ugly side of me out of my system so that when I'm with my girlfriends, my thoughts don't deviate, finding reasons to internally criticize the people I call care about so that I can smugly and irrationally feel superior. Or is it simply mindless entertainment turned to self-awareness? I don't know.

The best/worst list is most certainly not the only facet of Hollywood that I succumb to.

I LOVE movies and I have a memory for names. My husband often complains that I know too much about the stars, that I pay too much attention. I just know their names is all. I have a bit of a memory for previous work, I enjoy seeing and appreciating the diversity in people's careers, especially when they are used in widely differing roles.

In any case the Oscars are tomorrow. We do not have cable so we are heading over to Grandma and Grandpa's to watch the big event and I have made it my business to watch nominated films all week in preparation.

Perhaps I will start posting regular movie reviews as an outlet for this little hobby of mine.

And if this happens, POST A DAMN COMMENT. Your silence is killing me.

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  1. So...if we keep quiet...then you won't become a critic? What to do...what to do? And you thought that only your mother read you blog!


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