Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kermode Moose

Being the ignorant city girl that I am, when I moved to Terrace I was surprised to learn that there is a special type of bear up here called the 'Kermode bear' or 'spirit bear'. It's basically just an albino black bear, but there is a larger than normal population of them up here. I remember the spirit bear figures that were painted and displayed all over downtown Victoria a while back, but at the time I didn't realize that they were actually a real type of bear, unique to the Northwest Coast.

My bad.

It's a pretty big deal up here. A few months ago some people managed to snap a few shots of an albino squirrel and it was on the front page of the Terrace Standard for 3 days.

A sign of both the priorities of Terrace citizens and of how little happens here.

I know it wasn't spotted in Terrace, or in BC for that matter, and certainly not by me, but here it is folks, courtesy of Cute with Chris, take a look at your first Kermode Moose, bitches!

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