I once had a job where I didn't have enough to do, and my boss was basically okay with it.  It was at this job that I really and truly discovered the internet.  (And not just the part of the internet where they keep the kittens, guys.) I realized that I wanted some internet for my very own and thus, WammyBar was born.

I no longer work at the aforementioned job, and although I look back on that time with fondness I would like to believe that I have moved on to bigger and better things.  Well, maybe not bigger.

Good things come in small packages. Also, they terrorize the dog and rip all the dust jackets off your books.
I'm in the process of sweeping the dust bunnies out of the corners of this blog, having not posted here for some time.  Things in my life have changed some, with the addition of my daughter, Claire, and this space will likely reflect those changes. (Read: this is now a mommy blog. I apologize to all my readers who came here for Monster Truck video mashups and beer commercial outtakes.  We only talk about baby poop and Yo Gabba Gabba now.)

I read a number of mommy blogs for years before ever having one of my own, and I desperately want to be part of the club.  Did you hear that mommy bloggers? Pleeeease liiiike meeeeee! I promise never to post a picture of poop or start a vaccination/breastfeeding vs. formula/circumcision debate.  

Now that Claire is no longer a newborn, I have been able to regain some aspects of my life that were swallowed up by the vortex of being a new mom.  I have been taking some classes again, reading, and even occasionally leaving the house in something other than yoga pants.  I find it quite freeing.  Because she is able to independently shove cheerios and shredded cheese in her mouth, I get to pour myself a coffee and read the news on the internet.  Maybe even without "Zoom Zoom, Cuddle and Croon" playing in the background. Maybe.

I used to go to the beach and bring nothing but a towel and a book.  You cannot fucking imagine the amount of stuff I have to pack to go to the beach now.  Even my hair is like, "look how fucking carefree I am?"