Sunday, June 3, 2012

Relocation Station

Hubs and I have resumed talks on relocating to our dream city, Victoria, BC.  We left Victoria five years ago to embark on an adventure in Northern BC and the winds of change are a-blowin once again.  I am so excited to live on the island! In the meantime though we have a lot to do around our house to get it ready for sale!  And Pinterest is only making my to-do list longer with all the amazing projects I see on there that I just have to try!

This weekend we tackled the first project that was not mainly cleaning/organizing.

We repainted two of our three exterior doors.  They were painted a charming shade of red when we moved in, but they have faded and chipped over time and needed a redo.  I don't have the chip or old paint can to colour match so I just decided to start fresh with a new, bold shade of red.

The "before" shot is of our front door, which we haven't painted yet. I plan to paint the trim white as well, and touch up the green trim around the frame.

The "after" shot is of the garage door. I'm so happy with how it turned out!

Hubs getting ready to put our back door back on.

This is the original front door.  It looks cute still, but up close it is really rough. I will be painting the window trim white as well, instead of the icky yellow colour.

This is the finished garage door! It looks so much better in real life. The flawless door also makes the trim in the door frame look like absolute garbage. I will be painting that dark green very soon.

I will post an after picture of the front door as soon as it's done. Probably not until next weekend though. In the meantime I have lots of work to do in the bathroom!

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