Thursday, May 17, 2012

A tragedy, but at least now something has been done.

This is my corner of the internet. I may not have any readers, but today, I'm using my little corner to ask that people with information about Ira Parmenter and his behaviour when he was the pastor of Colwood Church, to please talk to the RCMP.  This situation stirs up a lot of anger in me, and a lot of sadness, because an entire community was damaged due to the actions of a deeply trusted, even beloved, leader and role model.

I have close friends whose lives were drastically altered when they found out what Ira was doing, and have never been the same.  He hurt and took advantage of their friend, while posing as a godly leader and faithful husband. It's sickening.  I can't even imagine what the victim herself (and other victims who have not yet come forward) is going through.

To the person who wrote this Anonymous Blog Post: ya, you are right. HUNDREDS of people were affected. And not just members of Colwood.  It was everybody, the whole community, everyone who is friends or family with members of that church.  It's like a ripple in a pond - oh wait, except that it's a goddam tidal wave.

CTV News Video

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