Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Style Experiment

I'm not really sure if anyone is reading this blog other than my mom, (thanks mom), but if anyone out there is interested, I plan to start posting regularly about products that I really enjoy using. I think for now it will happen once a week, perhaps on Sunday.

I bought this lotion at the local drugstore because it is paraben-free, phthalate-free, propylene-glycol free and dye free. I thought, hey that stuff gives me cancer, so I should buy lotion that doesn't have it! Little did I know that it would also smell amazing! This one here is 'Lemon Cream' and it smells exactly like lemon pound cake, you know, the kind with the sugary glaze on top? EXACTLY like that.

I love it so much that I went back the next week and bought a lavender scented bottle to use at work. It seems that whenever I use it, the realtor's offices simultaneously empty as employees start drifting towards my desk in search of the source of the scent. It's lovely and I don't mind sharing.

J.R Watkins website here.

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