Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meet the Dave

Amber: David, what is your full name?

David: *sideways glance of disdain* you know what my full name is.

Amber: How would you describe yourself?

David: Awesome.

Amber: Anything else?

David: mmmhmm. I would describe myself as a warrior class adventurer trapped in a 21st century North American culture who doesn't know where to go or how to get there.

Amber: Interesting.

David: You're welcome.

Amber: Favourite color?

David: White. And black. Because white holds all the colors and black hides them all.

Amber: If you were a car what make and model would you be?

David: No idea.

Amber: Really, you got nothing?

David: mm mm. (That's like the no version of the grunt).

Amber: Please complete the sentence: I will always remember...

David: a specific pain I have in my heart.

Amber: ...ok. Chocolate is...

David: for weak people.

Amber: You're going to look like such a weirdo on here. I don't understand...

David: corruption, no wait, I do understand corruption. I don't understand...(getting distracted by watching batman)...I don't understand why....why....I don't understand why....I don't understand...are you just writing that?

Amber: yes

David: *scratches head...pauses batman...why good people that are aware of bad things don't do anything about a generalization.

Amber: What do you propose?

David: Let's not think about it and watch batman.

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