Monday, February 9, 2009

It's creeping up on me...

My homework is starting to push me into a corner. It multiplies faster than rabbits, piling up in the corner of my living room. Behind me as I play 'asteroids' on the xbox and watch old episodes of 'The Office', next to my bed as I cuddle with the pups in the morning after Dave leaves for work, littered across the kitchen table as I eat my breakfast and read the morning news.

It knows.

By Saturday I had no other choice. I completed some history, some math, if only so I could leave behind the nagging feeling of being watched, stalked by a hungry predator.

This morning I will be done with English whether I've conquered my foe or not, the mid-term starts at 6.

Elizabeth helped me wage the battle on Sunday, as we waded through words, theme and hidden meaning alone in my kitchen. Without her, well, I wouldn't be here today.

Until next time, college papers, math assignments and history reading. Until next time..

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