Thursday, February 5, 2009


The weather in Terrace is unpredictable at best.

We moved in March and had a beautiful, cheery spring that I thought would gradually evolve into a beautiful, cheery summer.


We had about two weeks of hot weather the whole summer. Every other day was cloudy, cool and sucky. For me, most disappointing summer on record, hands friggin down. It was especially disappointing when this was our first summer in our own home - a home with a big, south facing, grassy yard and high fences. Any guesses at what I wanted to be doing?

This winter has been no less odd. During the fall months, every time I mentioned that we were from the Island I was greeted with knowing chuckles and warnings about blizzarding cold minus 40 temperatures and the mountains of snow. (Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that Terrace was North of my previous home, thank you for enlightening me with your infinite wisdom).

However, all the dire warnings I received about so-called "Terrace Winters" were bunk.

Instead we get big dumps of snow, about 2 feet at a time. Sometimes this will happen a few times in a short span, leaving us with precariously creaking roofs. The lovely added bonus about Terrace is that the snow plows leave a fully concrete windrow that is impossible to drive through (believe me, I've tried) in front of the driveway, blocking me in. Or out, on occasion.

But the kicker here, is that this type of insanity only seems to last for a few days, until you get an entirely new crazy-maker: Rain.

Yes the Rain. You'd think that with all the "minus 40 temperatures" people seem to think we get up here, we would not be able to get rain in the middle of winter. The thing about this rain is that when it comes, which is always a few days after a large snowfall, ensuring that the ground is completely frozen, it comes in sheets and torrents, causing FLOODING.

My house, so far so good. Other peoples houses, like the ones I manage professionally for my JOB? Not so good.


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