Saturday, January 24, 2009

Next to Godliness

Our long and arduous journey has finally come to a close. I gave the bathroom a much-needed scrubbing while Dave sealed the grout and mickey-moused our curtain until we can get a new one. We need to touch up some paint, but even with the imperfections, the shower is perfectly glorious. It may not look like much next to the designs you see in mags, especially considering we bought the cheapest tiles we could find, and this was Dave's first attempt at this type of job. But I don't care. It's fucking fabulous.

Next project: Crown moulding in hall and kitchen. Coming soon.


  1. I suppose newly weds could be doing it in the shower, in which case, describing the shower as f****** fabulous seems to fit!

  2. Hey Amber, you & Dave did a great job! Keep it up. Wish you were here. Joyce (love from Alex too)Also a cool photo of you guys and your family crest... I think you could do something pretty spectacular with all that creativity!


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