Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Another recent scrapbook page. This is my Grandpa, and this picture of him was when he was a pilot in the army. As it turns out my Gramps is a very intelligent and adaptable man and in his later years has learned how to successfully navigate the internet and most recently has joined facebook. If he hadn't posted this picture, I would not have been able to print a copy and happily commemorate his sacrifice to our country in this adorable scrapbook layout. So, I'll concede, facebook does have its good qualities.


  1. Actually I posted that picture, and a few others of him.

  2. you should make sure he sees this page.

  3. Hey Darlin. Love your Blog! and what the hell is a BLOG??? Well I was here and since I was born in 1935, I was too young for WW11 but I did 2 Peacekeeping tours and was awarded 2 medals. Did I mention that I love your Blog. I still have a good memory but it is getting shorter each year.


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