Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The day Zoe tried to kill me.

So the other evening I attempted to walk our pitbull-lab 'rescue dog' Zoe, who is a puller. And by puller I mean she's an 85 pound steam train aiming to thwart my every attempt at a reasonable pace.

We had only made it about three houses down from home when she yanked so hard on my arm I lost my footing and rolled my ankle.

So what does my cuddly, loving, loyal family pet do?

She abandoned me. And not only did she abandon me, she ran across the street into 'Harlem', dragging her leash gleefully behind her.

Make no mistake, she knew she was in the deepest of shit when we found her.

I think it's time for a special leash so that she can't pull. But for me, I think I'll just walk Sierra instead. Overall I think I prefer zig-zagged unpredictability to abandonment.

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