Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I hate crap

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For my 21st birthday my husband and I spent the entire weekend working 12 hour days at a sample booth in Costco for the fair-trade coffee company we used to work for in Victoria. As a result, my birthday gifts from Dave were all from Costco. He bought me two awesome books on scrapbooking, and a massive stack of patterned paper. Unfortunately for me and unbeknownst to him, the patterned paper was cheap and mostly ugly. I still have 90% of it two years later. I'm trying to use it up but...I just can't. It's too cheap and too ugly.

It'll make a lovely gift for a beginner scrapbooker, which is exactly what I plan to do with it. Maybe today. After I finish my Riel paper. Uggh.

In any case I did manage to use one page of this Costco patterned paper on this layout. The paisley design on the left border of the page. That is the first one I've used in....definitely months, possibly years.

Borrowed the layout from Inspired Blueprints and the lovely lady in the picture is my mother-in-law. Hi Elizabeth!

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