Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm spoiled.

There is something about bathing that I find entirely disgusting. You get in to the nice warm, clean water and before long it is gray with dirt and used soap and then I'm like, eww I'm soaking in my own filth!

So you can imagine my disappointment that our shower is out of commission at the moment. Knowing it needed to be tiled, we saved our money and purchased some tile and supplies. Dave agreed to work on it after Christmas so a couple days before New Year he pulled down the old lino and we began the joy of renovating.

We are busy people and Dave recently began his year 1 carpentry apprentice class. This has kept him very busy with homework, so he has been working on it in bits and pieces.

It is now January 21 and I have had to bathe for over 3 weeks.

The up-side is that it is almost done. Dave finished tiling yesterday and he just finished doing the grout. A working shower is at the end of the tunnel, I can almost see it.

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  1. COOL really COOL Your doing a great job as a blogger - (as if I would know) :-)
    I enjoyed your blog - Thanks

    Gramps (the one in Terrace)


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