Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have a serious problem with procrastination. I can't explain it, I wish I didn't do it, but some part of me deeply desires to cram all my work into the last possible minute. Right now, I'm supposed to be writing a paper on why I think Louis Riel was innocent for the North West Rebellion. It's due tomorrow. Honestly, I don't feel like doing it, I don't have a plan for when I'll get it done, but I feel confident that by tomorrow at the beginning of class, although the paper might be still hot from the printer, it'll be finished and awesome.

In the meantime, this blog is turning out to be a great tool of distraction. I am currently sitting in a comfy chair in the college library, where I was planning to get some homework done, but sitting here I realized that while I normally enjoy my evenings surfing the web and watching reruns of The Office, it can't hurt to get out of the house if only to let Dave enjoy one of his terrible werewolf versus vampire movies. What can I say, it's all about give and take. But I guess I'm not really giving since I'm enjoying this. It's a selfish good deed. Wasn't that a Friends episode? I'm sure I've seen that one.

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