Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Trekkie

For about two months over Christmas, I put Dave through what at first seemed like his slow death by making him watch almost every episode of The Office with me. Once I had seen EVERY episode, he bought me season 3 for Christmas and we enjoyed one more round of reruns, deleted scenes and hilarious Dwight Bobble Head antics. Those were the days.

It seems that Dave decided to have his revenge on me when he downloaded several seasons of Star Trek: the Next Generation, which we have been watching almost every night. At first I protested, wondering what pull the seemingly dorky series could have on him. Now...well, it seems that I like Star Trek. Just like Dave now likes The Office.

I guess we are finally rubbing off on eachother.

Pam Beesly - Dave's favorite character of The Office.

Commander Data - my favorite character of Star Trek.

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