Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Starved for some participation in ART up here in THE MOST ISOLATED PLACE IN THE WORLD, I joined the church choir. There are about 20ish members, who are all just lovely, and the director, Melinda, has a real sense of humour and reality about what the small group can reasonably accomplish, which, not to sound terribly elitist, is mostly very basic, 4 part block harmony. Sadly, this is a far cry from the 150 member community choir at UVic I used to have the priveledge of singing with. (And an intimidating priveledge at that!) There is something about singing in harmony in the midst of a massive, single-minded group that is nothing short of magical and staggeringly moving.

Melinda has chosen some beautiful charts for Easter and for other future choir exploits. That being said, I just really miss the sound that is produced from a MASSIVE GROUP OF UVic VOICE MAJORS!! *sigh*

A piece by the Oxford Choir, a group I should listen to more often while lying on my living room floor and directing with my fingers after a few glasses of good wine.


video courtesy of treblechoir99

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