Sunday, March 8, 2009

Terrace is your Sunday Style, bitches

Words can't describe the excitement surging through Terrace as the winner of Hockeyville was being announced last night. The energy was palpable and spirits were high as participants headed down to the voting centre, or to their favourite haunt to watch the results.

Mr. Mikes restaurant was full, but you could hear a pin drop as every eye focused on the screen, awaiting the results. I was absolutely terrified, gripping Dave's hand and gritting my teeth.

Of course, when we saw the card with the name of our little town on it, the whole place erupted with cheers and whistles, while people pounded their hands on their tables in celebration.

The moment we left we heard the celebration taking to the streets from the voting centre, people were cheering, everyone was honking their horns and sporting their hockey flags and jerseys.

The voting centre was still packed when we arrived and everyone was smiling and laughing - or weeping with joy. I admit, every time I watch the announcement I get a little weepy. My god! Terrace! I am so proud of you!

Sierra put it best - `We are all acting like we just won the Miss America Pageant!` and I have to say, even in my ponytail and hoodie, I sort of did feel that way. WAY TO GO TERRACE!!

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