Monday, August 17, 2009

Just give one of these to Kim Jong-Il

My girlfriend Elizabeth grew up, and still lives, on a farm. When she first told me this I remember feeling kind of bad for her, like, that's too bad you never got to do x-y-z in the big city.

My feelings changed in that regard the first time I went to her farm and met her many nuzzleable and smoochable 'pets'.

Three weeks ago the family golden retriever Missy gave birth to 10 puppies. Yep, count em, 10. So of course when she invited me and a few friends to come over and, ahem, inspect their pedigree, I jumped at the chance.

I may have screamed 'PUPPIIIIIIIIIEEEEES!' and lept into her arms, I don't really remember.


  1. Well did you or did you not ?????
    'ol Jer


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