Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Activities - Waterfall Edition

Saturday night Dave and I and a few friends decided to check out a waterfall near the Extew River. It was a hefty drive down an old logging road, but once we were there it was only a short (but steep!) hike to the falls.

We brought Zoe out on a hike for the first time, (we've always been wary that she'd disappear never to return), and she did marvelously, although she promptly fell asleep for the night once we got back to the vehicle!

Kieran - Always ready for a sudden bear attack.

Kieran - "Wait, you've never shot a rifle before?!"

This is the very bottom, where the waterfall lands.

photo courtesy of Heather Roberts

There was so much spray we might as well have gone swimming.

Photo courtesy of Heather Roberts

Photo courtesy of Heather Roberts

Somebuddy's tie-tie...
Photo courtesy of Heather Roberts

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