Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sunday Style - Thursday Edition

I read "How to be a Canadian", by Will Ferguson and Ian Ferguson, on the train on my way to visit family in Edmonton. I immediately wished that I was reading it alone because it took a lot of effort not to belly-laugh my way across BC's interior. That said, it was such an entertaining read that I chose to make due with the curious stares.

An excerpt:


There are 30,000,000 people in Canada - all of whom have, at some point, frozen their tongues to the side of a chainlink fence or flagpole. Even though their mothers told them not to. Indeed, at any given time of the year, it is winter somewhere in Canada and someone, somewhere, is stuck to a flagpole. "Hap me, hap me. Tumbuddy, pwease hap me."

Average I.Q.

See above."

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