Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Swine

Normally this type of newscast doesn't really worry me. Possible pandemic of a relatively mild case of the flu? Oh well. I do live in THE MOST ISOLATED PLACE IN THE WORLD so there is a good chance I'm going to be all right.

And then I remembered that my Dad and brother are in Mexico.

Oh shit, that's right.

So, I call both their cell phones, both are off or disconnected or some situation where I can't leave a message.

Then, I write on Dad's, Josh's and (wonderful family friend) Tony's facebook pages and...Nothing.

So, desiring to quell my anxiety, a nice lady that attends my Dad's church and also has a son in Mexico, wrote me a message saying that everything was all right, the church has been in regular contact with the group and is keeping a close watch.

So then I'm like: EXCUSE ME? My FATHER has been calling the CHURCH to let them know they are all right and he hasn't once bothered to comfort my Mother about the welfare of her son.


My Father is not exactly the best communicator, but this is pretty bad.

So I called and gave my Mom both the good news and the bad, and then proceeded to write my Dad a scathing email of 'domineering women' proportions.

I wait with bated breath for his reply.

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