Saturday, April 4, 2009

Serenity Now

I often get overwhelmed when my to-do list is long, I have a deadline, and at least one item on that to-do list is something I've been putting off. Usually homework. I often get even more overwhelmed if blocks of my time in order to complete this ever-growing list are eaten up by periferal things, like work, for instance.

We fly (knock on wood with my fingers crossed, throwing salt over my shoulder and jumping on one foot) out of THE MOST ISOLATED PLACE IN THE WORLD on Wednesday morning.

In between now and then I have to:

Complete my last math assignment
Write a 1500 word paper on the treatment of Jewish immigrants in Canadian society
Clean my house and do the laundry
Throw a wild party for Dave's 27th birthday
Pick up and mail my taxes
Attend church so that I can sing in the church choir and do the powerpoint
Attend 2 two-hour play rehearsals
Go to my last English class
Read a play for my last English class
Go to work on Monday and Tuesday and pretend to not be writing my paper
Explain to my dogs that we aren't abandoning them
Shower at least once


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