Saturday, October 10, 2009

I live in Canada, therefore I eat turkey in October, mmmkay?

Martha Stewart has never failed me before. Her recipes are unfailingly easy and reliable, her crafts are cute, creative and simple, her site navigable, her readers plentiful, and her information punctual....If you are American.


Martha, what you fail to understand is that you have CANADIAN READERS! I PAY MONEY for a subscription to your magazine and I have even given subscriptions out as gifts to other Canadians! I visit your website regularly and I have purchased your cookbooks! To withhold Thanksgiving recipes, decor and craft templates from us until November is UNFAIR. WE REQUIRE ACKNOWLEDGMENT.

This morning I spent two hours on your website searching for craft ideas and recipes. While I was able to find some information, you have the whole Thanksgiving portion to your site that does not open until October 26th. What am I supposed to do, save the info and wait until next year?

It's a good thing I'm creative and can think up my OWN decorations and recipes. I don't NEED you Martha.

There, I said it.

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  1. Bravo, Good for you Amber. My thoughts exactly "I don't need you Martha"... Americans still think us Canucks are living in Igloos and cooking on open fires on the ice....

    Love your blogs....


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