Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Does a Year and a Half get you?

So it's been a while.

This little personal project has been waiting for me on the internet all this time, just sitting here, unchanged like a little time capsule.

Let's briefly bring this place up to speed and then I will try and discover what I want to use my little corner of the internet for.

May 26th of 2011, Dave and I welcomed our daughter Claire into the world.  She is now a very adorable and charming 9 month old, crawling, cruising, giggling baby.  Being a mom is just as terrifying as I thought it would be, but ten millions times as awesome.

This is Claire at 8 months old, enjoying a massive snowbank in our front yard.

Although it has been a year and a half since I last updated this site, that's really the only update worthy of mention.  I found out I was pregnant shortly after my last post, and it's been 'baby stuff' ever since. And probably from here on out.

I have some ideas about the direction this page will take, and I will be exploring those thoughts over the next while. We'll see where this goes, but in any event, I don't want to let this just disappear.  More to come.

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