Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Garage Sale Run of the Decade

Labour day weekend! For me this year, a celebration of a last and a first. This weekend is the last time I will have two days off in a row until Thanksgiving, as I will be going back to school and restructuring my work week to fit everything, much to the chagrin of my days off. As I ordinarily work on Saturdays, this was the first one this summer that I was able to spend with my husband. In preparation for this momentous occasion, we both did a lot of thinking about what we should do together. And of course as the passionate romantics that we are, we settled on garage-saling.

I proceeded to make a map (which I later discovered I couldn't print, damn you Google terms of use!) that would enable us to efficiently visit every sale in a tidy circuit.

View Terrace Garage Sales Sept 5 in a larger map

Having successfully overcome the obstacles of The When and The Where, we proceeded to search for little gems amongst the usual clutter that is the Garage Sale.

Exhibit A:

Two to three years worth of reading, all great books, most of which were already on my reading list.

Exhibit B:

Let's get ready for some good old retrotainment!

Exhibit C:

A SNOWBOARD. The guy just gave it to us, literally. He was like, 'oh, you're just learning how to board? Here, you go, it's yours.' Karma? I don't know. Bindings are awful, but we have another set, as well as boots. I'm officially OUTFITTED PEOPLE!

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